Speaker Series 2021

FALL 2021


Monstrous Ecologies: (Dis)order and Excess Across Time

This series examines the sublime, the grotesque, and the monstrous in the context of ecology.   It took place in the context of SCCT 510 (Spring 2021), a course on “Monstrous Ecologies” co-taught by Chris Cokinos (English) and Joela Jacobs (German Studies) for the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory GIDP.

Meera Subramanian
The New Nature of Plastic
Join award-winning journalist Meera Subramanian in an exploration of the edge zone between the natural and unnatural world we inhabit. She’ll read and discuss a new piece forthcoming in Orion magazine about the nature of plastics and how their expansive presence is altering systems large and small: biological, ecological, geological. As plastics... Read More
Solvejg Nitzke
Dark Ecologies and the Monsters of Our Own Making
The times when it needed a mad scientist to sew together body parts and flip a switch to (re-)animate a monster are long gone. Today’s monsters are – if not invisible – hard to make out, or rather, they resemble their surroundings and their creators so much, it’s hard to call them monsters and not mean ourselves. Today’s monsters also rarely have... Read More