SCCT Best Graduate Essay Contest

Best Graduate Essay Contest

To support and celebrate our graduate students’ hard work, SCCT is holding a best graduate essay contest. We anticipate making several awards of $250.
1. All essays must be sent to by May 1, 2019. Awards will be announced by May 15, 2019.
2. Only one entry per person
3. In addition to the essay itself, please include a cover sheet with the following:
a. Full name
b. Department
c. Rank (MA, PhD, etc.)
d. A short statement that identifies whether your submission is an excerpt from a dissertation, a seminar paper, a conference paper, etc. (no more than 150 words)
e. One paragraph describing your research and academic/professional goals (no more than 500 words)
f. A brief statement confirming you are a formally declared as an SCCT minor.
4. Essays must be 10-15 pages in length (4,500-6,750 words).
5. Essays must be previously unpublished, original works.
6. Essays should be intellectually rigorous, innovative, and polished.
7. Essays will be assessed according to:
a. Focus: The essay has a title and a thesis that is original, compelling, and clear.
b. Organization: The structure of the essay is readily apparent and the relationship of each section to the whole is clear; effective transitions; a conclusion that effectively explains the results of the argument.
c. Development: All main and ancillary points are supported by specific and effective examples/evidence.
d. Citation: The essay demonstrates an accurate and consistent citational practice according to student’s home discipline.
e. Style: language is precise, graceful, and memorable; there is a variety of sentence structures; language style (register) and tone are appropriate to an academic paper.
f. Grammar: the essay is free from errors in grammar.