Graduate Certificate

Program Details

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory (SCCT) offers both a graduate certificate and a Ph.D. minor. The SCCT Certificate is intended for graduate students enrolled in MA, MFA, JD, MBA, and other non-Ph.D. programs. Ph.D. students should enroll in the Ph.D. minor

UA Graduate Students may apply to enroll in the SCCT certificate by clicking here. The graduate certificate comprises 9 credits, with one required course and two electives. The required course is SCCT 500 (Introduction to Social, Cultural and Critical Theory), offered each year in the fall semester. Students must also take two elective courses, at least one of which is offered outside their home degree program. Elective options include our annual topics course, SCCT 510 (Problems in Social, Cultural and Critical Theory), typically offered in spring semester, as well as all courses that appear on the elective list for the Ph.D. minor.  

Students may petition to have a different course (i.e. not appearing on the list) count as one of their electives if it has a significant theoretical dimension and is relevant to their plan of study.