Executive Committee

The SCCT-GIDP Executive Committee administrates the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory Ph.D. Minor program. The composition of the Executive Committee aims to reflect the breadth of backgrounds and units represented by the graduate students in the program and the membership of the entire SCCT Faculty. Any member of the SCCT Faculty is eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.

Stefano Bloch
Assistant Professor School of Geography and Development
Anna Cooper
School of Theatre, Film & Television
Rae Dachille
Assistant Professor Religious Studies and Classics
Kevin Henry
Assistant Professor of College of Education
Janelle Lamoreaux
Assistant Professor School of Anthropology
Jamie Lee
School of Information
Eithne Luibhéid
Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Leerom Medovoi
Michael Mulcahy
Associate Professor of Theater Film and Television
Kaitlin Murphy
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Clare Robinson
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan
Assistant Professor of English